The President of the UFC Dana White has stated that the sport would not add more divisions as a means of managing the weight cutting concerns.

Fighters have missed weights and managed to be on their weight class during weighs-in as they try to get a slight advantage over their competitors.

The recent issue of Kevin Lee at UFC 216 is an example. He made the fight in the last second as he tried to enter the weight class. It affected him during the fight, aside the staph infection he was battling.

Fighters try to lose as much water weight as possible in days leading up to a fight. They could lose up to 30-40 pounds before the weight-in. The water weight is largely recovered through re-hydration to offer advantage during the fights. However, the weight cuts and rehydration usually affects the fighters.

There are studies that point to destabilization and confusion, gassing and fatigue too. In the heavyweight division, fighters like Forrest Griffin are revered for their weight cutting. He fights in the 205 lbs limit but he can reach 230-240 lbs in fights. Read more »

Forrest Griffin Happy In Retirement

It is not uncommon for retired legends to come back to the limelight and showcase that they still have fight in them. However, Forrest Griffin turned down the offer to join Legends League of Vitor Belfort.

He stated physical issues to be the reason that he would not be coming back in the ring. Hence, it seems definite that he would not be coming back to any active MMA event after his retirement. Having been a former Ultimate Fighting Champion in the light heavyweight category, he retired after he defeated Tito Ortiz in a rubber match back in July 2012. He left his MMA spot with a record score of 19-7. He gained an impressive record of having beaten Mauricio Rua and Quinton Jackson. Read more »


The future of Anthony Pettis at featherweight division hangs in the air after the fighter missed the weight for his interim fight With Max Holloway at UFC 206.

The former lightweight champion was billed to compete for the second time in the featherweight division but missed the weight as he weighed 148lbs which is three pounds above the weight for that division.

It would be recalled that Connor McGregor relinquished his featherweight title last week with Jose Aldo being named as the promotion’s champion while Pettis and Holloway were given the opportunity to square it up for an interim belt and the right to compete against Aldo in 2017.

However, according to UFC president Dana, if Pettis eventually defeats Holloway, he would find it difficult to book another featherweight fight seeing that the fighter failed to make the weight for that division.

Here is what Dana told TSN: Read more »


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Original Ultimate Fighter and Former UFC Champ Forrest Griffin Retires

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Daniel Cormier miffed with fake brawl between Anthony Johnson & Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier is seriously miffed with the fake brawl between Anthony Johnson & Jon Jones. The UFC champion has even publicly stated his displeasure about the feigned fight between the two superstars.

Johnson & Jones wanted to have some fun at a recent press meet at the expense of Dana White where they staged re-creation of that infamous brawl. Both of them freaked out Dana which led to many laughs. But even though the fake fight seemed great fun for many, Cormier should not help criticizing that.

While Daniel admitted that the feigned brawl was funny yet according to him, the UFC champs went overboard with the joke.

“The entire little thing which both of them did at that press meet, you won’t ever wish to come up with such acts as challenger”, remarked a displeased Daniel.

“Why would Johnson wish to be Jones’ buddy? I do understand the great sportsmanship spirit but you cannot let him push you into games with the other fighter. You are here to away that very guy’s livelihood. After all, you are his opponent & you should go out to get the guy.” Read more »